Lifesum Mobile App

A personalized nutrition app that helps you reach your health goals through food tracking, meal planning, and more

Lose It! Mobile App

A calorie counter and weight loss tracker that offers a variety of features

Fooducate Mobile App

An app that helps you make healthier food choices by providing nutrition information,

Noom Mobile App

A weight loss and wellness app that uses psychology-based coaching

Yummly Mobile App

Yummly is a recipe discovery app that allows you to search for recipes by ingredients, diet restrictions, and more

MyFitnessPal Mobile App

MyFitnessPal, one of the most popular nutrition tracking apps.

MyPlate Mobile App 

MyPlate is a government-sponsored website and app that provides information on healthy eating

– Ate is a simple food tracking app that uses artificial intelligence  to identify foods  in photos.

Ate Mobile  App

Fitbit Coach Mobile App

Fitbit Coach is a  paid app that  offers personalized workouts and nutrition plans

Cronometer Mobile App

Cronometer is a detailed nutrition tracker that allows you to track macronutrients, micronutrients, and other food components.

Top 10 mobile app for Nutrition & Diet Planning.