Explore millions of songs across countless genres, moods, and activities.

Create custom stations based on your favorite artists, songs, or even seeds.

Pandora introduces you to new artists and hidden gems you might miss elsewhere.

Upgrade to Pandora Premium for unlimited skips, offline listening.

Dive into a diverse library of podcasts for news, comedy, true crime, and more.

Download your favorite stations and playlists for Hit the gym, or explore the wilderness

Start a station on your phone, pick it up on your computer, and keep the party going on your smart speaker.

Get your friends in on the musical fun! perfect for parties, road trips, or any shared listening experience.

Pandora Pandora displays lyrics in real-time, so you can become the karaoke champion

Pandora's not just about music. Dive into a world of hilarious podcasts and engaging talk shows.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Pandora Mobile App