11 Apps That Will Revive Your Christmas Spirit.

Discover 11 fantastic apps guaranteed to bring back the joy of Christmas Spirit. From tracking Santa to creative Elf on the Shelf ideas and mindfulness apps, immerse yourself in the festive season with these must-have apps.


Alright, folks, let’s be honest. Christmas magic can be hard to find amidst the shopping frenzy, endless to-do lists, and the inevitable family drama (we’ve all been there). But fear not, fellow Grinches and Scrooges! I’m here with a secret weapon: 11 incredible apps that will reignite your Christmas spirit like a well-placed cup of eggnog.

11 Apps That Will Revive Your Christmas Spirit are as follow

1. Elf Yourself:

Elf Yourself

Remember those hilarious personalized dancing elf videos that took over the internet a decade ago? Elf Yourself is back and better than ever, with new scenes, costumes, and even the ability to add your pet! It’s the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer with friends and family, guaranteed to elicit belly laughs and maybe even a tear (or two) of joy.

2. Santa Tracker:

Santa Tracker

Ho ho ho, it’s Santa on the move! This app lets you track Santa’s sleigh ride across the globe in real-time, complete with adorable animations and updates on how many presents he’s delivered. Imagine the squeals of excitement from the little ones (and maybe a few grown ups too) as you watch the big guy make his way around the world.

3. Givey:


Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to buy everyone the perfect gift? Givey takes the stress out of gifting by letting you create a group gift pool. Pool your resources with friends and family to get someone that special something they truly desire, while saving everyone some cash. Plus, the app makes it easy to track contributions and send festive reminders, keeping the Christmas spirit alive all season long.

4. Secret Santa:

Secret Santa

Speaking of gift-giving, Secret Santa is a classic for a reason. This app takes the guesswork out of organizing the annual game, letting you create groups, draw names anonymously, and even set spending limits. No more awkward gift exchanges or duplicate sweaters just pure, unadulterated holiday fun.

5. Jingle Bell Rock:

Jingle Bell Rock

Turn your phone into a festive jukebox with Jingle Bell Rock. This app boasts an extensive library of Christmas carols, from classic renditions to modern remixes. Get the whole family singing along, belt out your favorite tunes in the shower, or simply let the music wash over you and melt away any holiday woes.

6. Christmas Countdown:

Christmas Countdown

Can’t wait for the big day? This app keeps the excitement bubbling over with a personalized countdown to Christmas. Set the date, choose your festive theme, and watch as the days, hours, and even minutes tick by until Santa arrives. It’s like having your own personal elf keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

7. Reindeer Games:

Reindeer Games

Remember those childhood days spent playing Christmas themed games with your siblings and cousins? Reindeer Games brings those memories back to life with a collection of fun and festive mini games. From snowball fights to gingerbread decorating, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Bonus points for playing while wearing your favorite Christmas pajamas!

8. Elf on the Shelf Ideas:

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Feeling uninspired by your Elf on the Shelf antics? This app is your new best friend. Get creative with over 1000 Elf on the Shelf ideas, from simple poses to elaborate setups. Impress the kids (and maybe even your Instagram followers) with your daily dose of elf magic.

9. Christmas Movie Bingo:

Christmas Movie Bingo

Make your Christmas movie marathon even more fun with Christmas Movie Bingo. Download a festive bingo card, settle in with your favorite holiday classics, and mark off squares as you spot the tropes and clichés. From the obligatory snowball fight to the last-minute gift dash, it’s a hilarious way to add a little extra competition to your holiday movie viewing.

10. Charity Miles:

Charity Miles

Spread the Christmas cheer beyond your own circle by using Charity Miles. This app tracks your walks, runs, and bike rides, and converts those miles into donations for various charities. Choose a cause you care about, lace up your shoes, and get moving knowing that your holiday exercise is making a real difference in the world.

11. Headspace Holiday:

Headspace Holiday

Let’s face it, the holidays can be stressful. Headspace Holiday is your mindfulness oasis in a sea of wrapping paper and fruitcake. With guided meditations specifically designed for the holiday season, you can find moments of calm amidst the chaos, reduce anxiety, and approach the holidays with a renewed sense of peace and joy.

So, there you have it, folks! Eleven apps that will have you humming carols, decorating the tree, and wrapping presents with the fervor of a thousand elves. Download these festive gems, embrace the magic of technology, and let the Christmas spirit wash over you. Remember, the holidays are about more than just gifts and decorations; they’re about connecting with loved ones, spreading cheer, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So go forth, download.


Q.1. Do these apps work with cellphones running iOS and Android?

A. Yes, most of these apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms. Check your app store for availability.

Q.2. Are these apps free to download?

A. Some apps offer free versions with limited features, while others might require a purchase or subscription for full access.

Q.3. Can I use these apps outside the holiday season?

A. While these apps are designed for the festive period, many have features that can be enjoyed year-round.

Q.4. Do these apps require an internet connection?

A. Some features, like real-time tracking on Santa Tracker, may require an internet connection. However, many apps can be used offline once downloaded.

Q.5. Are these apps child-friendly?

A. Most of these apps are family-friendly, offering entertainment suitable for both children and adults.

Q.6. Can I share my activities from these apps on social media?

A. Yes, many apps allow sharing on social media platforms to spread the holiday joy with friends and followers.

Q.7. Do these apps consume a lot of device storage?

A. The storage space needed varies among apps, but they generally don’t take up substantial memory.

Q.8. Can I personalize these apps according to my preferences?

A. Absolutely! Many apps offer customization options to tailor the experience to your liking.

Download these apps, dive into the festive spirit, and make this holiday season truly magical.

Conclusion: Embrace the Festive Tech Magic!

There you have it! These eleven apps are your gateway to a joyous and memorable Christmas season. Dive into their wonders, embrace the technological magic, and let the true spirit of Christmas fill your heart. Beyond the gifts and decorations, these holidays are about connections, spreading joy, and creating everlasting memories. Download these apps and let the festivities begin.

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